Research funding opportunities

At EdFund, we envision evidence-based state funding policies that align with district and student needs. To make this vision a reality, we need research that is actionable, informative, and policy-relevant. We have identified areas where additional evidence is necessary to improve the way we fund schools and will be supporting new research to address these needs.

Policymakers and advocates identified the most pressing questions in the policy space. These individuals eschew theoretical debates and instead pose practical questions about how and what to fund to support public education. Our research agenda organizes the content of these conversations into topic areas and serves as a benchmark of what we don’t yet know about funding for K-12 education.

Beyond cataloging unanswered questions, we will fund new research projects to generate the evidence we need to inform school finance policy. In 2024, we will award grants of $10,000-$100,000, with a goal of disbursing $700,000 into the field. Our research agenda will guide our funding decisions as we look to support projects that advance what the field knows, provide new data or tools, and/or connect policy to outcomes.