EdFund is bridging research + policy to improve how we fund public schools

Better Education Funding Research

We curate existing research and commission new studies to fill gaps in knowledge.

Better Education Funding Policy

We connect policymakers and advocates with the research and researchers they need.

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Every year, the U.S. spends over $800 billion to fund our public schools. The formulas to divvy up the money often aren’t based on research — and don’t line up with student needs.

Policymakers and advocates are in the dark. They lack the research and information needed to create evidence-based school funding formulas.

To provide these answers and fund our schools more fairly, the research community needs to expand, diversify, and focus on the questions that advocates and policymakers are asking.

EdFund’s mission is to foster more policy‑relevant research and translate findings so advocates and policymakers can make better decisions.


We synthesize existing education finance research and identify policy-relevant questions.
EdFund creates more clarity on what we know; and focus on what we don’t know.


We direct grants to researchers to address the most important policy-relevant questions.
EdFund facilitates more efficient and effective grantmaking.


EdFund translates the research base into digestible, actionable insights for policymakers and advocates.
EdFund publishes insights that can directly inform action.


We facilitate a diverse group of researchers, policymakers, and advocates to coordinate, collaborate, and share learning.
EdFund convenes a broad, inclusive, and collaborative education finance community.